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We are a non-profit organization of about 200 women and men volunteers.  We maintain our gardens and clubhouse, and offer educational programs to our members and the community.  Program topics include, among others, horticulture, ecology, floral design, and landscaping.
Although our gardening activities run year round, most meetings run September through May with a welcome back potluck luncheon in October and a luncheon in April to elect our new officers for the following club year.

  • To encourage and develop among gardening amateurs knowledge and specialized skills in the art and practice of gardening and the floral arts.

  • To cooperate with others in the beautification our community, state, and nation.

  • To maintain our gardens and garden center as a teaching tool and to showcase our objectives.

  • To study, support, and practice conservation measures that promote sound ecological and conservation practices.

  • To help educate members of the community in the areas of ecology, horticulture, floral design and conservation.

  • To achieve our objectives, our club has regular monthly meetings with interesting educational programs, field trips, workshops, fund raisers, and other creative and interesting projects and events in addition to our business meetings.

SGC provides a college scholarship to a high school senior and one for a college sophmore for advanced study in an area that advances our objectives.

High School Students High School Form
College Students College Form

Sarasota Garden Club members knowledgeable about plants will be found working in the botanical gardens until noon.  The Butterfly Club will be in the Butterfly Garden and they will be happy to talk about what plants attract butterflies, talk with children about butterflies, safe insecticides to keep pests out without killing caterpillars, etc.
You are invited to come in and talk with them.
People who are not sure just what they are growing in their house or yard can bring tree branches, a stem, or a potted plant for Plant Identification on Friday morning, and discuss how best to grow what they have.

There will be people to answer questions on how to join the garden club, the requirements of membership, kinds of membership, and the cost.

SGC offers workshops open to the community on gardening in this area, especially the Florida Gardening Series, the popular Plant Sharing in which members sell plants from their gardens to the community at below market price, and as well, a course in Floral Design.  The garden club has programs for children ages 3-18, teas and tours for ALFs and nursing home outreach.

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